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Wood Case for the Dremel

My Dremel came in a small grey plastic carrying case.  Over the years, I continuously battle this case when I want to put the Dremel away after using it.  It is frustrating to try to wind up the cord exactly right, so the case will close.  I finally decided to make a slightly larger wood case, so it will be much easier to store the Dremel stuff in the case. Being a woodworker, I just had to design and make mine from wood.

I googled the topic to see if someone has capitalized on this problem, and offers a larger plastic case for sale. I did not find any.  Many people use fishing tackle boxes, or wood recipe boxes to store their Dremel in.

Google Sketchup Design

I used Sketchup to design my new wood case.  I took the approach of allocating space for each compartment, then putting the 1/2" thick wood case around the functional requirements.


I need to go to my local Ace Hardware and see if I can get hinges, a latch, and carrying handle that will fit this design. I found everything I needed at Ace.

Test Fit

My bottom piece was oversize, so I used a pencil with a square to mark my proposed compartment sizes, then laid the Dremel stuff in place.  My design looked like it would work fine.

Box Construction

I planed down standard 3/4" common pine to 1/2" to use for the box.  I used simple butt corners with small square drive trim screws.  I discovered the existence of these little trim screws when I made screens for the Marsh Park renovation project.  I also glued all the box joints as well.

Case Labelling

I searched the Internet and found a side view of an older Dremel like mine.  I imported this image into Sketchup, and made a pattern I could trace onto the top of the new wood case, then burn it in using my electric burn tool.

Finished Dremel Storage Case

Sketchup Warehouse

I put my model in the Warehouse here.  

Closing Thoughts on this Project

This was a fun little project.  My new case is big enough, that I will no longer struggle for minutes trying to get the cord to fit into the OEM Dremel case :)