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Domed Stained Glass Box

This pattern is in this book..........

Bevels and glass

I bought the bevels and textured clear glass at The Glass House in Decatur, Illinois.

Cutting 6 triangles for lid

I used the morton system to cut a long rectangle, then used the paper pattern to mark the diagonal cuts.   You are supposed to be able to cut the angle on the Morton system, but it was not obvious how to do it.........and I did not want to take the time to Google it and figure it out.

I also used the Morton system to cut the 6 rectangles for the sides.   This system lets you quickly cut the pieces to both lengths.

Build top Lid first

You use black electrician's tape on the diamond bevel pieces while they are laying flat on the board, then lift up all the pieces to make the is typical in many multi-sided stained glass tops.

Then you tack in the lower glass triangles, then solder the whole assemble inside and out.

Solder dollups for 2 lid handles

You just make 2 solder blobs or dollups, and these serve as the lid handles.  Pretty neat idea !

Tube Hinge

Copper vs. Black Patina

Since the chain and some of the tube hinge is brass, it makes sense to use copper vs black patina..............Black won't work on the brass colored parts.

Drying E6000 Glue in Oven on bottom nuggets

Solder dollups as lid handles

Project Statistics

Finished Dome Box

Closing Thoughts on this project

This was a fun one to build.  I am getting better at installing the tube and shaft style hinges................but I still struggle with soldering the chain.  I like the textured clear glass.