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Corn Hole Bag Game Boards

My sister Lisa wanted me to  build 4 boards for the bag game. In this game, you make bags full of corn, then try to throw the bag into the hole in the board.

I searched the Internet and found a folding leg design, and decided to try it. In my opinion, legs that fold up are better than attaching and de-taching the legs for each usage.

 My sister is painting the game boards, then applying custom made decals to the boards. painting required on my part. I did fill all the nail holes and sanded them so it was ready for her to paint.

 Here are the Google Sketchup designs for the boards:



Here are photos of building the boards. Note that every good woodworker says, You can never have enough clamps !!




Closing Thoughts:

When you rip a 4x8 ft sheet of plywood, you will lose the thickness of the saw cut, about 1/8" for most blades. I ripped the sheet into 4 pieces each 2x4 feet, then cut the 2x4 frame to exactly match the length and width of each plywood piece. I used 1/2" thick plywood finished on 1 side. I used 3/8" carriage bolts 4 inches long with washer and wingnuts.

The folding leg design worked well.





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