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Sleepy Time Clock for my Son Jacob





Seth Thomas Clock Restoration

My Dad remembers this clock when he was a boy in the farm house.  At some point it got stored in the attic.  Unfortunately, the roof leaked onto the clock, destroying some of the oak veneer.  My Dad gave the clock to me and I restored it.  As the pictures below show, the clock has turned black in color.  I stripped it down, repaired the oak veneer, refinished it, and re-assembled it.  A local clock repair person cleaned up the works and oiled them.  It ran fine after my restoration.  It still hangs in my office today.


Photo taken 6/13/2009:




Mahogany Mantle Clock


The old picture above was from the 1980's.  Picture below is of same clock taken 6/13/ aged well :)




Making Clocks from 2nd Base Tree from Farm

When I was a kid, my 3 siblings and I played baseball and kickball in the farm yard.  We used one tree as 2nd base.  The tree blew over and my Dad gave me some of the logs from the tree.  I converted the logs into about 6 clocks for my siblings and relatives.  Most of them are still running 20+ years later.


Photo taken 6/13/2009 of one of these clocks still working:




The picture above was taken in the 1980's.  The picture below of the same hourglass clock was taken 6/13/2009:





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