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Civil War Lantern

I saw a neat looking old lantern design in the August/September issue of the American Woodworker magazine. It is a reproduction of the type of candle powered lantern used in the Civil War.


I entered the design into Google Sketchup...........



 After reviewing the design, I checked my router bit selection, and I do not have the 2 bits needed to make this lantern......a 45 degree chamfer bit for the top and bottom........and a 5/16" beading bit for the corners.

I ordered these online from

 I will probably make my lantern from red oak, which I get from Menards.  I checked my inventory of brass sheet to make the top bent heat shield.  I have some 2" wide brass sheeting I bought from McMaster-Carr..........

Formable Brass (Alloy 260), Strip, .032" Thick, 2"Width, 36" Length


I don't know if it is thick enough, but I will try it out before I order thicker stock.

You need brass rod to make the handle.  I have brass rod in stock, but only in 12 inch lengths.  You need at least 20 inches of length to make the handle.  I bought some longer brass rod from Mcmaster-carr...........

8859K349Easy-to-Form 260 Brass, Rod, 0.187" Diameter, 3' Long, packs of 12
packsMondaymorning.....6.23..per pack12.46, 2 packs

Stay tuned as I built my first Civil War lantern in the near future.........July 7, 2014........

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