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Cell Phone Charging Station

I really like the new type of charger where you do not have to plug in the charging cable to the cell phone.

The only drawback is you must have the phone properly centered for it to charge, and if it is bumped while may move out of proper location and won't charge.

To make sure you have the phone properly located, you have to set it down, then wait a couple of seconds and see if the % charged wording shows up.

I decided to make a wood box that always properly locates the phone for charging.

Sketchup Design


I printed out full scale paper patterns of the 2 I could Elmer's glue them on, then scroll saw them.

When I sawed the piece for the top, I accidentally sawed off the ends.  I salvaged the project by adding 2 small pieces at each end.

Ready to Stain

Finished Project

Sketchup Warehouse

You can use this link to download the model of this project.

Closing Thoughts on this Project

I am looking forward to using this charging box, no more not knowing if my phone is charging or not !