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Cardinal night light

I had a special request to make some Cardinal night lights.  I Googled it and modified some cardinal images to get a design.

Tricky Part

Trying to figure out where to attach the stained glass Cardinal to the little brass bracket on the light is a challenge.  I finally got out some new little clamps I recently bought, used one of them to hold it in the right spot, while I tack soldered it.  Then I built a little fixture for future lights to hold the little brass bracket in the right place, like I did on both the Bluebird and Rooster nightlights.

Patina or not?

I checked and I left bare solder on the bluebird and rooster night light I made before.  I think I will go ahead and black patina these cardinals.

Finished 1st One

Sketchup Warehouse

I uploaded the design to the Sketchup warehouse. You can use this link to view or download the file.

Closing thoughts on this project

The 4 small pieces on the head take all the time to make because they are small and I have to grind them.  I could try increasing the bird size by 10% and see if that makes these pieces easier to make.  My little fixture works great. I borrowed the hinge and clamp piece from my bluebird fixture, so I can easily swap it back and forth.