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Card Holder for Bridge

My mother-in-law is 94, and has trouble holding and seeing her bridge cards.  Somewhere she found a slotted card holder, and it lets her keep playing bridge with her buddies.

She requested I make another one, for one of her bridge friends who also has issues playing.

The original one is a simple design. It is 2.5x12 inches, and 7/8" thick.  It has 3 slots at a 15 degree angle, and a round-over bead around the outside.

I had some 3x3 inch white oak, so I cut off about 16 inches, so I cut cut-off any planer snipe later.  I resawed the board to 1" thickness on the band saw, then planed it down to 7/8". I went ahead and made 2 more of then, since all the time is in the table saw, and router table setups.

I routed the corners before I sawed the 3 angled grooves. I was afraid the router bit would blow out some material doing the interupted cut through the 3 grooves.

I used a Golden Oak light stain on them, followed by 2 coats of polyurethane.

Finished Card Holders

Google Sketchup Warehouse

I uploaded the Sketchup model to the Warehouse, you can download it here.

Closing Thoughts on this Project

This was a relatively quick and easy project.  Because I did the top edges on the router table, before I sawed the 3 grooves, I had no "blow-out" of any wood........which I might have had when the router bit did the interrupted cut across the 6 saw cuts [3 on each end].