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Cahokia Spider Design in Stained Glass

One of my many hobbies is reading and studying about old civilizations like the Indians who lived in Cahokia, Illinois and built the huge Monk's Mound just outside St. Louis, Missouri.

I was reading a special 1986 Illinois Archeology Association book........


The original pendant was 3 to 4 inches in diameter and was found with a skeleton, meaning the man had been wearing this around his neck with a string when his body was buried. I thought it was a pretty cool 1,000 year depiction of a spider :)

Could I make this in stained glass??   Well, not in a 4 inch round pendant.............because the individual pieces would be too small.  But, if I went to a 12 inch diameter round panel that you hang in a window..........then yes I can :)

For the black dots, I will oven bake on Pebeo black paint drops.

I'm thinking the spider is amber color in a pale blue skylight color.  I am not sure about the rest of the colors yet.

A good future winter project !