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Barn Quilts

Barn quilts are typically used to decorate large barns in rural areas.

Barn Quilts for Fairbury parks

About a year ago, a local volunteer offered to make me 1 barn quilt for one of our local parks, Marsh Park. I accepted her offer............she then needed to know what size to make it.  I had the building in Sketchup, so I used Sketchup to look at the scale and choose a size.  I chose 2x2 feet.

The local artist offered to use the same colors as I used on the whole park, so I gave her 1 gallon each of the 3 colors I used.  She delivered the finished barn quilt and I installed it on the east end of the screened in pavilion at Marsh Park.


I liked the look of this small barn quilt, and many local residents gave me compliments on how nice it looked.  I decided we should make enough of these for all the buildings in both Marsh Park and North Park.  I put the design into Sketchup.

Number needed

Marsh Park................ 2 at 24x24 inches.

North Park................4 at 24x24 for open pavilions

North Park..............2 at 18x18 for small pavilion

North park..............1 at 34x34 for large screened in pavilion (can not see other end of building because of large tree)

Barn Quilt layout

This geometric pattern is fairly easy to layout.....

1. mark each of 4 edges at 1/3 intervals (8 and 16 inch on a 24 inch tall quilt).
2. draw straight lines on these
3. draw angle lines with straightedge using paper Sketchup print-out as guide

Starting to paint

I started out masking taping the borders, but abandoned the tape.......because the paint bleeds under the tape whenever there is a crevice in 1/2" exterior pressure treated plywood.  I went to freehand painting, using an artist brush for the 3 corners, and a 1 inch wide chip brush for the rest.  This worked fine.  I put 2 coats of paint on for each color.