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50 Cal Ink Pens

My next pen was a 50 cal or 50 caliber ink pen. This pen kit uses a fired 50 caliber cartridge for the pen body.

I ordered and received the 50 cal pen kit from Penn State Industries.  I read the instructions and found out I forgot to order the 2 mandrel bushings that are needed to make these pens.  I ordered the bushing set and received it a few days later.

Pen Blank

I decided to use an Urban camo plastic piece for this pen, since it turned out very nice on the 30 cal bolt-action pen. I cut the Urban cam to 1.5 inches in length and then glued it to the brass sleeve using the Nexabond 2500 super glue.  I waited about 5 minutes, then took the piece to the drill-press with the 7mm barrel trimming bit.  Unfortunately, the brass sleeve spun in the Urban camo blank and then stuck to the barrel trimming bit.  I was able to spin off the Urban camo blank on the drill press by holding it with plyers.  I had to take it to the vise, clamp the bit in the vise, then use plyers to work off the brass sleeve.

I glued on the blank a 2nd time and waited 10 minutes this time.  It spun again on the barrel trimming bit.  I glued it a 3rd time and let it set over-night.

I looked up the medium set Nexabond 2500 on a web site, it looks like they recommend 1 hour cure time.

I then followed the instructions and did the lathe work.  I chose not to try to shine up the 50 cal cartridge prior to pen assembly.  I went ahead and assembled the pen.

This pen is huge in size compared to the other more standard pens........

Concluding Thoughts

This pen really turned out nice, and this pen design will be showing up in the Christmas stockings of my male family  members!



Here is a 50 cal pen in Fall Camo......


Update July 2014

After the blank is glued onto the brass tube, the end cutter is used to make one end parallel to the centerline.  The end cutter can not be used on the other end. You are supposed to turn this slightly to make it parallel to the tube centerline.

I found it works best if you first round off the 4 corners on the end with the tube exposed. Then take the carbide skew chisel and move it from the OD down to the brass tube.  This would be like a parting cut. This works much better than trying to turn the whole end at once with the skew chisel.






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