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50 Cal Pen project

I made some of these 4 years ago, but I gave them away as gifts.

I decided to make 1 for myself, so I ordered the kit.   I did not order bushings because I should have them since I made some earlier.


I glued up the camo blank, cut the plastic on the ends down to the 3/8" brass tube, and was ready to go to the lathe.

I got to studying the pen kit I ordered, which was PK50RBX 50 cal rollerball flip kit. I got out the PK50CALBU bushings, and they were not the right bushings.

Seems I should have ordered kit  #PK50CAL.............which is a standard type pen............and takes the PK50CALBU bushing kit.

The kit I ordered is a flip kit, you pull out the pen assembly from the shell, then write with it.

So, I ordered the right bushing set  #PK50RBU.

Guess I will wait for the right bushing set.

Got the right bushing set

I ended up turning the speed up on my 1939 Montgomery Wards wood lathe from low to medium, when turning the white/black camo blank.

I had doubts how good this pen would work, in terms of removing the writing part from the 50 caliber shell, but it works pretty well.

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