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36 Bevel Stained Glass box

This was another neat pattern I saw in this book.

Bevel Source

I bought the 36 bevels from The Glass House in Decatur, Illinois.

I had the brass tubing and rod on hand for the hinge from previous projects..........and it was bought from AnythingInStained

Making the 4 big sides

Assembly of the 4 big sides

Where I had gaps between the edges of the 4 pieces, I placed blue masking tape behind the joint, or inside the keep the solder from running out of the joint.

Small top pyramid

Mirror Bottom

The book does not give a pattern or size for the mirror bottom............maybe because this pyramid can be made from 36 triangle bevels, using either 3 inch or 4 inch bevels........and this would change the size of the bottom mirror.

Once I had the 4 sides built, I placed it on some paper, and traced the size with a pencil.

Sealing the mirror bottom

I learned the hard way on my first mirror bottom box, that you must seal the edges of the mirror with nail polish.............otherwise fluids will leak into the edges and discolor the mirror. I gave this one 2 coats of nail polish.

Box soldered to mirror bottom


I used the tube and rod method for the hinge.

Project Statistics

Finished Pyramid

Closing Thoughts on This Project

This was a relatively quick project, taking less than 8 hours to complete.  It is so fast because you are using all pre-cut bevels.........versus cutting and grinding each piece.

It is always tricky trying to properly locate the brash hinge, before you solder get the optimal fit of the lid and base.   I probably could have done this one a little better........but you are never perfect on this.