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30 Caliber Pens

This is the first pen I made using a plastic blank. I chose an Urban Camo plastic  blank for this pen.


On the Lathe

I drilled the 3/8" hole using a standard drill with gold coating. I forgot to buy the 3/8" size barrel trimmer, so I sanded the ends as perpendicular as I could using the disk sander.......and sanded up to the end of the brass cartridge.  I used the same super-glue I have been using on the previous pens.

The plastic turned about like wood, except for the stringy chips that I had to remove once in a while.  I used medium speed and the gouge to rough out, then the skew chisel to finish size.  I used the 3 steps of sandpaper, then the EEE polish and Shellawax finish.  The finish really came out nice......


Finished Pen




Closing Thoughts

I really like the look and the feel of this 30 caliber pen........with the sliding bolt action.  I will be making Christmas gifts for several male family members using this design.

I also now know I can turn the plastic blanks fine, so I will be exploring using plastic on other pen designs versus wood.



I went to make 2 more pens using the fall camo blanks, and both of them failed on the lathe. The one lost a chunk on the end, the other had a big divet in the center of the blank.


 you can't see the divet in the bottom one in this photo.  I tried to fill the divet with super glue, then sand it off........that did not work.  The super glue did not set up enough in 2 hours.

I was able to hack-saw vertically on the bad blanks, the use a very sharp 1/4" chisel to break the plastic off in chunks........from the brass barrels.  I glued new blanks onto the re-used brass tubes.  I also sharpened my skew chisel on the hand stone with oil again.  Then I was able make the pen successfully.............



The size compared to a 50 cal pen...........


I ordered a carbide skew chisel to see how that works on plastic.  The plastic blanks wear out the skew chisel edge much faster than on wood.




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