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Screening-in North Pavilion at Marsh Park

Two of Fairbury's public parks are North Park and Marsh Park.

One of the most popular attractions at North Park is the screened-in pavilion.  Groups book it all summer for family reunions and other social events.

In the Summer of 2017, we are renovating the older Marsh Park. We decided to screen in the existing 1957 North Pavilion, similar to how North Park's building is done.

I had to figure out how to frame in the old structure, built back in 1957. After reviewing North Park's design, and the existing Marsh Park building design, I came up with the concept shown below.  Architecturally, the North Park design is not very pleasing to the eye (for example there is no trim around the screened in windows, etc).

My design concept:

The City maintenance supervisor requested that I raise the plate for the walls 1/2" above the concrete, to allow water to drain from the building.  The easiest way I could think of to raise it, was to use 1/2x2x4 inch aluminum bar.  I bought the aluminum bar in 48 inch lengths from McMaster-carr.  I used my dad's refurbished hack saw to saw them into 4 inch chunks.  I had a local volunteer operate the old saw for about 5 hours to make 32 of the saw cuts required.